As the intro to this video explains, I frequently receive purchases from places like EBAY, Amazon and Etsy. What makes it especially delightful is that, due to a variety of reasons, I often have little to no idea of what’s in the box. It’s literally like Christmas morning! Actually, it’s BETTER than Christmas morning. My parents haven’t gotten me anything I’ve been really, really excited about since I was 11 years old. But, since I’m buying for myself AND because of the slightly psychedelic influence of prescription sleep meds, the things I’ve ordered for myself are AWWESOME! Have I gone on weird buying benders where I’ve ordered things I don’t need like random game pieces or antique, moustache-protecting coffee cups? Sure. Who hasn’t, am I right?

Well, I can guaranteed that everything I open in today’s ZBAY video is practical, utilitarian and my level of buyers remorse is no higher than 35%.

40%, tops.

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