We usually hear about adults stressing out over bills, work or relationships but a recent survey has found teenagers are stressing out more than adults now.

American Psychological Association conducted a survey of a thousand teenagers and about two thousand adults. 27% of teenagers reported feeling extremely stressed compared to 20% of adults. Suicide rates for teens are also higher amongst the age of 13- 17 than adults.

Teens stressing out might seem normal because it's a time in their lives when hormones are going crazy. I know I wasn't the best teenager and gave my parents plenty of attitude but I didn't really stress myself out. My school work was pretty easy, I was able to hang out with my friends all the time and eat whatever I want. I miss those days.

Stress may seem normal but if your teen is extremely acting out, parents should take it seriously. You don't want them to end up drag racing or peeing in mop buckets.