Football is back!  Here's how I see the first week of the NFL season turing out.

New England at Buffalo Bills:

You have a rookie QB in EJ Manuel going up against the Hoodie and Tom Brady. The Patriots defense should frustrate Manuel and Brady should have a field day against the Bills Defense

Patriots Win

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers:

Cam Newton says that this is the year that the Panthers are gonna make the playoffs, but he's going up against one if not the best defense in the NFL. I think that Russell Wilson will be better this year than he was last year. If there's going to be a major upset in Week 1, I think this can be it, but it's not happening the Seahawks will get to Newton and they win the game.

Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears:

The Bengals are the sexy pick to win the north in the AFC and at the same time nobody is giving any love to the Bears. I'm curious to see how the Bears come out with a new coach in Marc Trestman. The key to this game will be Jay Cutler. If he keeps his cool then I think that the Bears can win. This will be a good test for Andy Dalton and the Bengal offense. In the end they get the job done.

Bengals win.

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns:

I think this will be a shoot out, the Dolphins will go often to newly acquired WR Mike Wallace and the Browns will let Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson loose. The Dog Pound will rocking and rolling as the Browns give the city some early hope as they win this game

Browns win.


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