Monster Jam returns to the Sun Bowl this weekend with an evening show on Saturday and a matinee on Sunday.  Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster and we’ll have multiple pairs of tickets to give away all week long on the Buzz Adams Morning Show.

Monster Trucks
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UFC 271: Adesanya v Whittaker 2
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Quiz Time! Each of these is the name of a monster truck…or a mixed martial artist. Go!

 1.)    The Carolina Crusher

2.)    El Toro Loco

3.)    The Welsh Wrecking Machine

4.)    Mohawk Warrior

5.)    One Bad Mofo

6.)    Vanilla Gorilla

7.)    Grave Digger

8.)    Mexicutioner

9.)    Blue Thunder

10.) Swamp Thing

11.)  Chief Beef

12.) Bakugan Dragonoid

13.) Monster Mutt

14.) Spider Killer

15.) Smashkan

16.) BroDozer

17.) Ice Cream Man

18.) King Kazgan

19.) The Korean Zombie

20.) Northern Nightmare

21.) Raging Panda

22.) Iron Outlaw

23.) Kraken

UFC 271: Adesanya v Whittaker 2
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1.)    Monster Truck

2.)    Monster Truck

3.)    MMA fighter John Phillips

4.)    Monster Truck, believe it or not

5.)    MMA fighter Joe Soto

6.)    MMA fighter Chase Sherman

7.)    Monster Truck (c’mon, that’s too easy)

8.)    MMA fighter Efran Escareno

9.)    Monster Truck

10.) Monster Truck

11.) MMA fighter E.J. Rowan

12.) Monster Truck

13.) Monster Truck

14.) MMA fighter Jay Silva

15.) MMA fighter Ashkan Morvari (get it? Ashkan “The Smashkan”)

16.) Monster Truck

17.) Monster Truck

18.) MMA Fighter Kaan Kazgan

19.)  MMA Fighter Chan Sung Jung (so named because he’s Korean and he relentlessly moves forward, ignoring all pain…like a zombie)

20.) Monster Truck

21.) MMA Fighter Julia Avila (she just really likes pandas)

22.) Monster Truck

23.) Monster Truck

Monster Trucks
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