A new county-funded center for processing asylum-seeking migrants is set to open in El Paso, and I'm not sure how citizens should feel about it.

Surge Of Immigrants From Venezuela Stretch Resources In Border Cities
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It must be a terrible thing to go on a dangerous journey to get to the United States just to find yourself bunched up with little housing or resources.

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Liberal or conservative, good or bad, it's hard to watch what's happening to the migrants coming across America's southern border and not feel sympathetic toward their struggle.

Migrant Border Crossings At The Southern Border Continue As Judge's Title 42 Ruling Looms
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But the fact that so many are here now, in El Paso, and need so much help is disconcerting

According to a new report by KVIA News are so many migrants that El Paso is getting ready to open up a new migrant processing center.

A situation where we need more capacity is sad when I think about it, and should make everyone consider whether this is sustainable, and what options we might have to start considering.

U.S. Border Patrol Takes Immigrants Into Custody At Arizona-Mexico Border
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"The new center, centrally located near the airport, would be able to take on about 600 migrants a day that already has a sponsor and a place to go."

Since I read this article I've had a burning question rattling around my mind.

Should we be happy that these migrants are getting the help and resources they need or should we be more concerned that we even have the need for more capacity for these migrants?

I honestly can't decide, and that kind of paralysis might be worse.

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