Are you in a band? Think you have what it takes to open up for Metallica? Find out how you can.

Metallica may be going out on tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat and Gojira but there's five stops on the tour where only one of the bands can perform. You know there are lots of big bands out there that would love to go out and tour with them for the short stint but the band have decided to give some unknowns a chance to shine.

Metallica is hosting an online contest for bands that want their shot to open for them.

The band has multiple online contests now for bands to open up for them on dates in Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio or St. Louis. First, bands must enter into online competitions on radio stations partnering with the band. After, the station will find the top 2 bands voted and submit them to Metallica. The band's will then be entered into a national voting competition for ten days. The winner will then go out on tour with Metallica for the five dates1 

The concert dates that the band will be opening up for are:

  • May 19th – Foxborough, MA
  • June 4th – St. Louis, MO
  • June 14th – San Antonio, TX
  • June 16th – Dallas, TX
  • June 18th – Chicago, IL

Find out more details on the Metallica website.

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