Baby, it's cold outside and this is the time when men find a woman's body the most attractive, according to science. When the weather dips below freezing we all run inside, turn up the heaters, and grab our coziest sweaters we can find. But you may not realize this is also the time many men find women their most attractive. The news can be surprising, especially when you think about your summer attire. Summertime is when you see women spending lots of time in their swimsuits, shorts, and lots of sundresses which is why it seems like a safe assumption that heterosexual men find women more attractive then, but you would be wrong. Even though there's plenty of eye candy during the summer, the cold, winter months are when the real attraction happens.

According to a 2008 study, men find women more attractive during the winter. During winter, women layer their clothing to keep warm and are covering more of their bodies. The cold temperatures bring out the extra layers of sweaters, jackets, long boots, and more to keep your body covered, warm, and away from the elements. This makes women more desirable because of the allure of what's underneath all those layers. So next time you're looking for an outfit to entice a potential lover, throw on a sweater and scarf under that jacket and watch as he tries to decipher what you have going on under all those layers.

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