Gulf Coast residents are preparing for a massive dust cloud to make its way from Africa to the US shores. Now, forecasters say it will arrive tomorrow. Some Gulf Coast residents could be waking up tomorrow morning to a milky haze in the sky in the morning. Americans all the way from Florida to Texas could feel the effects of this dust storm

A massive dust cloud is making its way across the Atlantic Ocean and will be arriving in the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow morning. The dust storm started off the coast of Africa about a week ago and is "abnormally large," according to Accuweather. The dust storm has already reached the Caribbean, where residents are reporting air quality conditions they haven't ever seen. A dust storm of this size and with such high concentrations is rarely, if ever, seen. Most of the storm is usually dispersed over the ocean and the amount that reaches American shores is minimal. According to satellite data, the dust storm started on June 13th and spread over 2,000 miles. The dust cloud is so thick that it's being seen on weather satellites and astronauts have seen it from the international space station, per CNN.

Experts believe the dust fro the storm will reach parts of the United States by early Thursday morning, with the thickest layers of the storm reaching Texas the next day. From there, the storm will turn east and head towards Florida over the weekend. You can follow the dust storms movement to the US on the NASA website.

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