Masks are going to be mandatory in Wal-mart starting this week. This really says it all: Walmart, a place so notorious for lacking a dress code that there’s an entire website dedicated to how much Walmart does not GAF…is requiring their shoppers to wear masks.

I think a lot of the push-back over the masks is a uniquely American form of anti-authoritarianism. Our country’s origin story is basically, “F- you. You’re not the boss of me and I’m not going to do what your tell me to.”

Even more so if you’re a rocker. Rock and roll is all about rebellion, right? Maybe, but one thing Rock and Roll is emphatically NOT about is killing grandma (some Swedish Black Metal bands notwithstanding).

I have great news! There are plenty of mask options out there for you to proclaim your Rock-n-Roll bone fides to the world.

Some of these are officially licensed merchandise but most are not.

The Queen/Freddy Mercury Mask

PDDesignsFanArt via Etsy

This one comes with a cute cartoon Freddy and re-vamped lyrics. Anti-maskers will have no doubt of your disdain for them and what a “big disgrace” they are.

You can still fit in (with expert’s best practices) with this minimalist Misfits mask:

BedingerXArtShop via Etsy

Get a Rolling Stones mask and, even though they can’t see YOUR lips and lounge, they can still see SOME lips and tongue.

Beyoutyandbliss via Etsy

Here’s a mask that manages TWO copyright violations in one!

BlackMambaInc via Etsy

This Police mask works not only as a mask but also as a social distancing reminder:

TheFoxAndPossum via Etsy

Finally, nothing says “Sure this is an officially licensed mask” quite like the “Pick your favorite 80s band logo” mask:

MediaPrintProduction via Etsy
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