The only moose in New Mexico has his very own fan club, and it's one that faithful fans keep us all very well updated!

Despite the fact that moose aren't really native to New Mexico, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish say that moose have made their way into the Land of Enchantment over time. But one moose in particular is making headlines and everyone is fascinated with his every moove, I mean, move.

This is Marty. He's a moose who now officially calls New Mexico his home!

Marty was actually captured almost a month ago in Santa Fe, but apparently this wasn't his first time causing trouble in Santa Fe!

After that capture, Marty had an official vet check, while tranquilized, of course, and found out that Marty is a healthy moose who is about four to five years old and weighing in at just over 900 pounds!

Marty is becoming so well known that he has his own fan club on Facebook! The fans in the group do a great job of capturing his photogenic side whether he be taking a dip in the river or enjoying some apples outside a barn!

It's obvious that Marty the Moose, which the public has so lovingly decided to name him, has captured the hearts of everyone! And if you do find yourself in the New Mexico wilderness and come face to face with Marty- just remember to keep your distance! He's probably more scared of you than you are of him!

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