Marilyn Manson is no stranger to the world of film, having made some of rock’s most memorable music videos and appearing in various films, as well. Manson will take his next step on the silver screen by playing the lead role in ‘Wrong Cops,’ a short film that will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival.

‘Wrong Cops’ was directed by Quentin Dupieux and will premiere in May at the famous French film festival. Manson recently spoke with the Pulse of Radio about his part in the film as well as some other upcoming projects.

“I play a street hustler with braces on my teeth, which was an interesting, fun experience (laughs),” says Manson of ‘Wrong Cops,’ adding. “I’m working on something with Johnny [Depp]. Working on something with my friend Eli Roth also. And I’m basically just on a roll of having a good time at being bad and I just want to continue doing it.”

Manson has had roles in the past within movies such as ‘Jawbreaker,’ ‘Party Monster’ and the David Lynch film ‘Lost Highway,’ which Manson recently revealed to be his favorite Lynch movie during part three of our in-depth discussion with the rocker.

Details on ‘Wrong Cops’ are currently top secret, but Manson fans who also happen to be in France will be able to see the film for themselves at the Cannes Film Festival