Marc Rebillet, the French American musician hailing from Dallas, Texas has become a huge viral sensation thanks to his goofy comedy through his singing (also performing in his underwear & robes certainly help him stand out amongst the crowd). His personality has one that's been admired from millions of fans; he's performed at Coachella, he has his own documentary about his singing career & it all got started way back in his hometown in 2007.

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We know Marc Rebillet, aka Loop Daddy, for his songs & his performing.

If you need a refresher on Marc's singing & his comedy, here are some of his most popular songs. Keep in mind... his lyrics can be quite saucy & NSFW at times. And the grooves... are extremely funky & make people prone to dance.

Before he became known for his singing, he was known for his this Dallas news interview

In 2007, a Fox 4 News broadcast showed a 19 year old Marc Rebillet was waiting in line for the, at the time, new iPhone. He was first in line (waiting for 12 hours) when a woman came up & tried to pay him $800 in hopes to buy as many iPhones as possible in an attempt to resell the phones. However she was only allowed one phone so that plan didn't work. Even back in 2007, you can tell the comedic nature was present in this early video of Marc. The best part... he still was near the front of the line. So in summary: Marc scored $800 AND was the one of the first to get an iPhone.

The video is still up on YouTube currently has over 3 million views.

It's unknown if Marc remembers this video; but we certainly do. And we definitely appreciate the laughs & music he gives today.

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