We know Google autocomplete can come up with some weird things. Just type in a few words and Google will give you some suggestions to what you may be possibly searching. Thanks to, we now have a map to show us all the weird things people around America are looking to buy.

The researchers at Fixr decided to search for people's weird googling habits by typing in "How much does a * cost in [Capital, State]. The results vary on your location and search history.

As for Texas, the most googled thing people are looking for the cost of is a nanny. I am shocked it's not like guns, cows or alcohol, but it is a nanny. New Mexico residents are looking to see just how much cast it takes to get a commercial driver's license (CDL), while Arizona residents are more into vasectomies. 

When I decided to do my own Google search, the first list of autocomplete results were for the cost of a divorce, passport, and pool. I guess that's the list of what happens once you file for a divorce in Texas.