Who won the second 2016 presidential debate? A total rando named Karl Becker.

Who is Karl Becker? Who cares? However, he's now going down in history as the man who made candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump say ONE nice thing about the other.

It was a brilliant question, but the candidates answers matter a lot less than the faces they made when Becker asked the question.

YouTube / CNN
YouTube / CNN

Trump looked like someone just grabbed him by the p**sy, while Clinton immediately burst into laughter. They couldn't even keep a poker face.

Trump said he respected Clinton's never-say-die attitude. He admires her tenacity and her refusal to give up, no matter how things are going.

Clinton, meanwhile, couldn't find a single thing about Trump she respected. Instead, she said she respected his children -- and no one called her on it. It's hilarious because we all know the Trump kids were raised by nannies, right?

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