A man who shot an alleged robber has ticked off the crooks family.

Seriously, I'm not kidding.  Here's the deal, a guy walks into a Dollar Store in Alabama and stumbles across a robbery.  He sees a man wearing a mask forcing a store employee toward the front of the store.  He pulls his own weapon and orders the suspect to stop. The suspect turns toward him with his pistol and the customer fires at him.

The suspect is arrested and taken to the hospital, the store employee is fine and .. as far as I'm concerned .. the customer is a hero.  The family of the robber however is really angry at the customer.  They say he should have "just run away" and that he "has no right to shoot people".

Now the robber's in custody, the court is trying to have his bond revoked and the robbers parents are upset that their widdle baby boy ... who is currently out on bail after committing a previous robbery using the exact same method ... got hurt.


What do you think?