When you think about "making lonche" or, making a lunch, for your significant other- what comes to mind first?

Fabio Alves via Unsplash
Fabio Alves via Unsplash

You probably imagine a woman getting up early and slaving away at a hot stove preparing a fresh lunch for her husband to take to work. At least that's what I've always imagined it as.

Here in the Borderland, we're completely aware of the stereotypical view on making lonche for your husband- or boyfriend. I've always viewed it as sexist; why do I have to wake up early and make him lunch? He can make it himself!

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Well, my view on it has shifted as I've gotten older; and it has drastically changed as I've scrolled through TikTok.

Over on the app, many women have risen to TikTok fame by making videos of themselves preparing a lunch (and dinner) for their husband.

El Paso's very own self-proclaimed Huevona has gained followers by showing us quick and huevona ways to make a delicious meal for your husband- or family.

And most famously, TikTok user @Nanajoe, or Alejandra, has gained a major following by showing us how she packs lunch for her husband.

Alejandra has risen to popularity that she now also makes lunch for her followers.

Of course, times have changed, and the gender norms have changed too. Men aren't the only ones who get their lunches packed- we also have some men out there who make lonche for their wives!

Some husbands even deliver the lonche!

Times have changed. Maybe making lonche for your significant other is no longer the sexist image I used to have. However, because I am single I still have to make my own lonche.

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