The Grinch might have stolen Christmas, and Scrooge might say 'Bah humbug!' this time of year, but one Lower Valley man has a much harsher sentiment spelled out in Christmas lights this year, and he says he's just doing what the President-elect is doing.

Omar Rodriguez, who lives in a neighborhood near Bel Air High School, says Donald Trump is big on freedom of speech, so he decided to express how he feels about Trump in bright, sparkly lights in the front yard of his home. 'F*ck Trump' can be seen shining in the El Paso night at Rodriguez's house. He says he got the idea from friends over the Thanksgiving holiday to speak his mind in lights, just like Trump who "can make racist or sexist comments and get away with it, and still be elected, then I have the right to do this."

There are neighbors who say they are ok with Rodriguez's display, but he's on his own if his house gets egged, and neighbors who say they aren't happy that his lit-up feelings about Trump are on display so close to a high school. Rodriguez says he is going to modify the display because of how close it is to Bel Air, but it will still be the same concept.

He better be careful what he says - Santa knows who's being naughty and nice, after all.

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