GLOW is the new obsession and people may not know the show has real-life wrestlers mixed in with the actors. Find out who will be wrestling this Sunday!

This Sunday, Caliente Verano 3 will be held at the El Paso County Coliseum and wrestling fans are excited. There are some big names on the card including Rey Mysterio, Alberto "El Patron" Del Rio, Jack Swagger and more. For non-wreslting fans who simply love the Netflix show, there's a reason for you to go and see this event! There are some real-life wrestling stars that are in the show and will be here this Sunday!

Johnny Mundo aka Salty “The Sack” Johnson

Johnny Mundo has a cameo role in the first episode of Netflix's Glow. Mundo plays Salty "The Sack" Johnson, a pro-wrestler hired to train the girls on how to wrestle. Unfortunately, he is fired in the first episode of the show, but I'm hoping he'll make a comeback later on in the series. Johnny is known as the season 3 winner of Tough Enough, as has also won 9 championships in the WWE and is a two-time Slammy Awards winner. After leaving WWE, he has become a three-time champion, winning the ECW World Championship, Lucha Underground Championship and most recently, the AAA Mesa Championship.

Carlito as Big Kurt Jackson

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Carlito plays one-half of the Lumberjacksons, the famous, championship winning tag-team that make an appearance in two episodes of the show. The Lumberjacksons are the sons of the "giant" Goliath Jackson and older brothers to Carmen who becomes Machu Picchu.  Carlito is from a wrestling dynasty, his father is WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon Sr., and is a former WWE United States Champion and Intercontinental Champion. He also partnered with his real-life brother Primo to form the tag team The Colons. Together they won both the Tag Team Championship and World Tag Team Champion, being the first tag team to hold both titles.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Okay, so, TECHINCALLY Chavo isn't in the show. But he is at the same time. Chavo is the Wrestling Coordinator on the show, responsible for teaching the actresses how to wrestle but also did so much more. Chavo also helped with set design, ordering the ring and even helped make sure the script had the correct wrestling terminology being used. If you still feel like he should be in the show too, check out the name of the gym that the girls workout in. It's called Chavo's.

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