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For the newest and best rock and metal songs, our Weekly Wire and Best of the Month playlists will keep you up to date so you don't miss anything. You'll be the first to tell all your friends about an exciting new band before they even have the chance to discover them for themselves. Yes, we're giving you the chance to be that cool.

We've also got playlists for holidays, cover songs and the best songs from recent years.

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Weekly Wire: This Week's Best New Rock + Metal Songs

New updates each Friday afternoon with 50 new songs that were released that week or appear on new albums that just dropped that day.

Best of the Month: Staff Picks + Essentials

A recap of the best rock and metal songs released during the previous month. A mix of essential tracks and the Loudwire Staff's personal favorites.

2021's Best Metal Songs

More music came out than ever before in 2021, and we've got over 150 of the year's best metal songs.

2021's Best Rock Songs

Anyone who says that rock is dead just hasn't been paying attention at all. Rock was thriving in 2021!

Early Thrash: The Beginning + The '90s

A genre-defining playlist tracing thrash's '80s breakout and the difficult decade that followed.

21st Century Thrash

The best of the new school and the old school with 150 songs that define thrash in the new millennium.

Winter Goth: F**k the Sun

The winter edition of our seasonal Goth playlist. The enemy sun goes into hiding and the goths come out to play in the snow.

2000s Metalcore

An 'Eras' playlist dedicated to the game-changing metalcore movement that exploded in the 2000s.

Ultimate Industrial Rock + Metal

A wide, wide range of industrial sounds in rock and metal to stomp to.

Ultimate Symphonic Metal

Symphonic Metal is epic, bombastic, triumphant and, quite often, pretty dark, especially when it comes to the black and death metal tinged acts. It's all here in this 'Ultimate' playlist collection.

Ultimate Grunge

Grab your best plaid flannel and revisit the glory of Grunge, from the scene's biggest bands to the underground pioneers and the ripple effect it had toward the mid-to-late '90s.

Early Death Metal: The First 15 Years

The most brutal selections from death metal's beginning in 1985 through 1999 with cuts so deep you'll think you just got slashed with a butcher knife.

Ultimate Stoner Rock + Metal

It can be 4/20 every day with the best stoner rock and stoner metal jams we could scrounge up. Don't (puff, puff) pass on this playlist!

Ultimate Doom Metal

Take it low and slow with this 'Eras' playlist of the best of Doom Metal in all its many forms.

Ultimate Groove Metal

Groove Metal has no subgenre boundaries, just one rule — if it grooves, you move!

Ultimate Sludge Metal

Only the sludgiest, most swamp-driven sounds of metal.

The NWOTHM (New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal)

Classic heavy metal in the new age, in service to the olde guard.

Death Metal: The 2000s

The best death metal songs of the first decade in the new millennium. Tech-death, slam, old school death metal, melodeath, etc. all included.

Ultimate Folk + Viking Metal

The ultimate playlist for bloody battle and victorious fanfare. Axes grind, maces clash and the hurdy gurdy plays on...

Ultimate Power Metal

Tracing power metal origin's through the present day. More than 100 songs for the triumph, glory and honor of true steel. Capes recommended, but not mandatory.

Early Black Metal: The First 20 Years

Chronicling the first and second waves of black metal, from Venom's blasphemous beginning to the ripple effect later felt in Norway, Sweden and other pockets around the globe.

'90s Rock Deep Cuts

The best of the '90s, just not the same songs you've heard 1,001 times before!

Early Punk: The '60s, '70s & '80s

The playlist with the most snot and attitude! Recollecting punk's most classic period, more than 150 songs dedicated to the hellraisers and three-chord monsters of the '60s, '70s and '80s.

2010-2019: Best Metal Songs of the Decade

The 66 metal songs from countless subgenres that defined the 2010s, featuring selections from the most time-honored bands as well as new groups poised to carry the torch and become legends themselves.

2010-2019: Best Rock Songs of the Decade

Who said that rock is dead? (Spoiler: It was Gene Simmons.) These hard rock songs from the 2010s prove rock is as viable as ever.

Metal Covers Classic Rock

Not much explanation needed here — all your classic rock favorites, just a bit heavier than you're used to!

Heavy Halloween (Heavy Holidays)

Updated for various holidays, whether it's the season of giving gifts, showing your partner how much you love them, getting extra spooky for Halloween or throwing down at a backyard barbecue.

2020's Best Metal Songs

These 66 metal songs remind us that not absolutely everything about 2020 was terrible.

2020's Best Rock Songs

If you want to push memories of 2020 out of your mind, that's fine. Just take these hard rock songs with you as the one thing worth remembering.

2019's Best Metal Songs

The metal songs that defined the final year of the decade.

2019's Best Rock Songs

Rock ends the 2010s with a bang... and some bangers!

2018's Best Metal Songs

Legends and brand new bands collide in this playlist recollecting the best and the heaviest tracks of 2018. You can expect to see some of these newer groups dominate in the 2020s.

2018's Best Rock Songs

Rock's veterans continue to dominate while a new school of groups aim to expand the definition of rock while one band in particular looked to rock's historic past to resurrect the sound for a new generation.

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