We have all heard the rumors about certain places in El Paso being haunted. Well one local high school has taken the crown as scariest high school in America.

Congratulations to El Paso High for coming in at number one, on The 10 Scariest Haunted High School in America. Well, I at least think that deserves a congrats. I have always been tempted to try find a way to go ghost hunting in that school.

The school tops the list for it's frightful stories about the young girl who haunts the school, after she threw herself from one of the schools balcony, the oozing ceilings, hidden rooms, and hallways full of a strange mist. Some people say that you can still see a misty figure fall off the balcony, and slam into the floor.

I am just waiting for Guillermo Del Toro to make a movie inspired by these stories. Until then, check out some history about the school in the video above. It features a brave history teacher's tour of some of the haunted areas, in El Paso High.