Just in time for Halloween, enjoy a little "shock rock" courtesy of these Las Cruces Locos.

Bloody Elephante recently released the single, "Light Of Day" and now, they have a video to go with it as well.

I asked frontman Lincoln Gier to elaborate on the "Light Of Day" song:

"Light of Day" is the first installment of what is hoped to be a series of videos that show the progression of the fictional character The Bloody Elephante killer. He stalks his victims and strikes fear into the borderland community of EL Paso/ Las Cruces area. Light of Day shows a newly captured victim​ and her escape from the killers bloody lair located in a remote location in the desert.

The bands' bio describes their upcoming album this way:

Bloody Elephante is currently recording their debut concept album 'Disneyland Values', which delves deep into the mind of the deranged serial killer known as Bloody Elephante. The music takes you on a journey following a lunatic indulging in his impulses while battling his delusions.

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