Well, this is a new one for me. I know about special theme nights at local watering holes. Of course, there are Karaoke and Trivia nights.

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“Geeks Who Drink” is a popular night at Alamo Drafthouse.  But I’d never heard of a bar night specifically for spirited theological conversations. Until now, that is.

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The Manor at Ten Eleven has been hosting “Theology on Tap” on Tuesday nights with special guest speakers from the Borderland religious community.

You might find yourself discussing the concept of Original Sin over a pint of Guinness with a priest.  Maybe split a bottle of Riesling with a Rabbi, or a Falstaff with a Faith Healer.

Actually, it looks like all of the scheduled speakers are affiliated with the Catholic faith. That makes sense since many religions…Islam, Mormonism, and Jainism come to mind…prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages of any kind.

I was brought up Baptist and we drank Welch’s Grape Juice when we would observe communion.  And, yes, I would often point out that Jesus and the disciples were drinking wine all the time in the Bible.

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My input was uniformly unwelcome.

For Tuesday, May 9th, the speaker will be Father Mike Lewis talking about “Why go to Mass?”  Father Mike…that sounds like a guy you could sit and have a beer with.

Then, another Catholic priest on May 16th and a friar on May 23rd.  You can check out the schedule for Theology on Tap here.

The event specifies that “everyone is welcome” so I suppose that means agnostics and even atheists, too.

So, if you ever wanted to have a Pabst with a pastor or a margarita with a monk, this is your opportunity. Plus, maybe Theology night at a bar technically qualifies as “going to church”. 

I’m looking forward to my mom asking if I went to church this week and me being able to answer, “I sure did! And was I ever hung over in the morning”.

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