Check out the video for my upcoming sleep study with 8 Hour Sleep Clinic.

I haven’t done the actual, overnight sleep study yet but I did do my first consultation with Dr. Onate. Here are a few interesting sleep facts I learned from my visit with Dr. Onate.

  • I’m not addicted to sleep pills. I’m dependent on them. There’s a difference.
  • The comfort of the sleep labs have really improved since the last time I did a sleep study. 20 years ago, you basically laid in a hospital bed in the dark. The sleep rooms at 8 Hour Sleep Clinic are like nice hotel rooms. They also have cable and WiFi.
  • It’s not normal to have nightmares almost every night. I actually thought I was fairly typical because I have vivid, disturbing nightmares more nights than not. And when I say “vivid” I really mean it. I’ve lain in bed for over a minute after waking before I realized that I didn’t actually murder someone and that I’m not going to prison for life.
  • Apparently, SOME people wake up and actually feel well-rested in the morning! Who knew?!?

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