KC is a little off the rock path but, that's where he started. It comes with a video too, shot here in El Paso.

Everyone, meet KC The Reaper. KC's a rocker who transitioned to Hip Hop, here's his story:

I was always a big fan of hip-hop since I was little, as I got older I fell in love with nu-metal. I became a huge fan of Slipknot and Linkin’ Park, and loved how they would mix that together. So I started picking up instruments at the age of 9 and by the time I was 15, I focused on vocals. Got into the local metal scene playing with Lotsyx, Ripley, and Dicodec. Then I ended up getting back into hip-hop, trying to come up with my own mix of instruments with beats. I was fortunate to meet some great dudes, that are helping me push this project forward. I just hope, in the end (see what I did there), to motivate people with my music. I am really excited about the future, and feel truly blessed.



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