A company called, School Stickers conducted a study of 58,000 students, to find out the most common names of the worst and best behaving students.

No one is a perfect student, but now we know what names could be tied to those regular detention students. I am surprised Fernando or Lisa weren't on this list, but I made the good girl list. I think we need to do a survey here in El Paso, because I don't feel these names are as common in our area.

The top ten worst-behaved girls names:

1. Ella
2. Bethany
3. Eleanor
4. Olivia
5. Laura
6. Holly
7. Courtney
8. Amber
9. Caitlin
10. Jade

The top ten worst behaved boys names:

1. Joseph
2. Cameron
3. William
4. Jake
5. Joshua
6. Jamie
7. Lewis
8. Benjamin
9. Ethan
10. Luke

Now that we know the kids you need to watch out for, or the names to not name your future kids, let's look into the good kids.

The top ten best-behaved girls names:

1. Amy
2. Georgia
3. Emma
4. Charlotte
5. Grace
6. Sophie
7. Abigail
8. Hannah
9. Emily
10. Alice

The top ten best-behaved boys names:

1. Jacob
2. Daniel
3. Thomas
4. James
5. Adam
6. Harry
7. Samuel
8. Jack
9. Oliver
10. Ryan

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