We were recently going over a list of slang terms that no one uses anymore. Here’s the original list on a site called bestlifeonline.com. Slang terms come and go. Except for “cool”. “Cool” has remained cool ever since it was cool to be cool. You can’t say the same for similar slang like “nifty”, “neat-o” or “groovy”. I’m going to throw out some of these outdated slang terms and maybe we can decided on one that we will then make a conscious effort to bring back into the popular parlance of the day.

“Razz My Berries”
Definition: When something excites or inspires but in a non-sexual way.
PROS: Sounds sexual but isn’t which is always fun.
CONS: Doesn’t make sense/will be hard to get people to pick up.

“Gag Me With a Spoon”
Definition: Declaration of disgust
PROS: Is so out-of-date that to anyone under 40 it will sound completely original. Also, fun to say.
CONS: Risk of bringing back the rest of “Valley Girl Speak”. That would be awful.

“Bag Your Face”
Definition: You’re so ugly you should put a literal bag over your face
PROS: So outdated that I had actually forgotten it. Great nostalgia appeal. Will confuse millennial's.
CONS: Form of body-shaming; will likely be considered too extreme to catch on. Also, #Metoo hazard if said to a woman by a man.

Definition: Marijuana
PROS: This is my personal choice for the Comeback Slang Word of 2018. For a period from the late-sixties to late-seventies, “grass” was THE most common slang term for marijuana. Gradually, it was supplanted by “weed”, “herb” and “ganja”. “Grass” deserves a comeback. “Weed” has a negative connotation. “Grass” has a positive one. Nobody wants weeds in their yard. But, grass…that’s something to take pride in. With more and more states legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana AND with the current administration making overtures of “getting tough” on it, it’s time for cannabis to put it’s best foot forward. Also, if we all start saying “grass” again it will sound like we’re in a Billy Jack movie which, like Billy Jack, kicks ass!
CONS: I guess, technically, “weed” is a much more accurate description of the cannabis plant than “grass” is.

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