Fans and peers in the rock and metal world are well aware of what kind of man Lemmy Kilmister was. As Dave Grohl stated during the Grammy tribute to Kilmister, Lemmy WAS rock 'n' roll. And thanks to the Grammy tribute last night, fans of other genres not familiar with Motorhead or Lemmy's background now have a little more insight into the music great as well. After Grohl spoke, the all-star collective Hollywood Vampires paid musical tribute by taking on Motorhead's most well-known song "Ace of Spades."

While rock and metal fans everywhere were anxious to see the tribute, so was Kilmister's son Paul Inder, who attended the event. While at the Grammys, Lemmy's son fielded questions in the press room. Of the tribute, he stated, "I thought it was great. I thought it was very moving to respect my father in that way and pay homage to him, and at the Grammys too. He would have been proud. So that was very touching."

Inder went on to paint a picture of his father's true dedication to his craft, often eschewing the aches and pains in order to bring joy to the fans who had spent their time to come see him play. "He had his up days and he had his down days. He would battle to go onstage sometimes, but he would always get it together," revealed Inder. "Even if he was laid out on his back, like one show I heard from his assistant. Like one show, he was actually laid out on his back backstage and he heard the crowd chanting, 'Lemmy, Lemmy' and he got up and he went out and did it. So he was determined all the way to the end. That's all he lived for. He said, 'There's nothing else I'm gonna do. I'm not gonna retire.' Retire didn't exist in his vocabulary. For him, he wanted to go all the way to the end with his boots on and he kind of did."

He went on to add, "He set a great example for hard working musicians. For anyone who gains respect from just sheer hard work and never giving up and not ever giving in, I think he represented that."

If you missed last night's Lemmy Kilmister tribute at the Grammys, read up on it here.

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