They say that everyone has their own individual scent, similarly to the uniqueness of our fingerprints. Have you ever wondered what Lemmy Kilmister smelled like? It's probably not hard to guess, but now you can actually recreate his presence with a Motorhead candle, inspired by Ace of Spades' self-titled track. 

The iconic Motorhead album is turning 40 next year, and the band have announced several special releases to commemorate it, like a box set that turns into a gambling table. Now, Evoke Candle Co. has announced an officially licensed Motorhead candle, which according to the description, smells like smoked whiskey and oak, and has a burn time of 70 to 80 hours.

Sounds pretty spot-on to us. You can pre-order the candle now, and it will ship sometime in late October.

The website features an entire collection of candles inspired by popular rock and metal songs, including the "Paint It Black," "Gold Dust Woman," "London Calling," "White Wedding" and more. There is even one just called "Heavy Metal," which has the aroma of beer.

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