You're familiar with their work but, you probably didn't know that one of them is from El Paso!

Don Bluth, (the El Paso homie!), and Gary Goldman will have several movies featured during the 10th annual Plaza Classic Film Festival. They'll answer questions at 2 different "Q & A" sessions during the festival. First, August 12th at 1:30pm, right before a screening of their 1982 film, “The Secret of NIMH”. Then again August 13th in the Foundation Room, 333 North Oregon, at 11am.

According to the El Paso Times, other films by Bluth and Goldman scheduled to show during the film festival are:  “Banjo the Woodpile Cat,” “An American Tail,” “The Land Before Time,” “Anastasia,” “All Dogs Go to Heaven” and “Titan A.E.”.

Learn more about Bluth and Goldman here., the Plaza Classic Film Festival takes place August 3rd - August 13th.

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