We were all shocked to find out that Laura Lynch, founder of the Dixie Chicks (The Chicks) was killed in a car accident outside of El Paso, Texas on December 23, 2023. While the news of the accident is circling the world, one aspect that I wish to focus on was Laura's time in Dell City, a town that’s just outside of El Paso, Texas. And that time dates back all the way when she was born.

When was Laura Lynch born in Dell City, Texas?

In an 2022 article with El Paso Matters, it stated that both Jim & Mary Lynch moved from California to Dell City, Texas in 1950; which is an hour & a half drive away from El Paso in Hudspeth County. Laura would be born 8 years later in 1958.

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Laura's father, Jim Lynch, became one of the first to exploit the alluvial aquifer to develop agriculture in the high desert to the west of the Guadalupe Peaks National Park. In many interviews he would speak his concerns about El Paso exporting the groundwater in the 90s & 00s.

Laura's family would own the Chambers Lynch Ranch; the ranch would be bought by El Paso Water in 2016 for $50 million. Their plans were to buy the land to help local farmers to help with their farming; the Lynchs being one of those families. You can see the entire article on the El Paso Matters website. Of course Laura is one of the many musicians who have lived in El Paso or in El Paso County; many rock stars have as well.

Of course we couldn't talk about Laura's life without her work with the Dixie Chicks; she help founded the group in Dallas, Texas back in 1989 as their bassist/vocalist. She would record 3 albums with The Chicks;

  • Thank Heavens for Dale Evans (1990),
  • Little Ol' Cowgirl (1992),
  • Shouldn't A Told You That (1993).

Our condolences to Laura's family, her friends & her bandmates. May she rest in peace...

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