You’ve got a great idea for a timely, relevant costume. But what happens when you show up at a party with a half dozen OTHER “Tethered” from “Us”?

My friend, you need to think about doing a costume Mash-up. Here are a few I thought up but am NOT going to use. Feel free to use them yourself. You’ll be the only one because no one ever reads my blogs.

  • 1.) You go as…

…a green muppet that lives in a trash can. You have a fake black mustache and fake bushy eyebrows and a cigar.

You are: Oscar the Groucho Marx

  • 2.) You go as…

… an elderly senator from Vermont with wild, unkempt hair. You’re wearing a white suit like an old timey plantation owner. You have a string tie and a TShirt that says “Free Health Care for all.” You’re also carrying a bucket of fried chicken

You are: Col. Bernie Sanders

  • 3.) You go as…

… a burn victim who has claws from hands and a green and red sweater. You’re also wearing a red apron and bagging groceries.

You are: Freddy Kroegers

  • 4.) You go as…

… an evil wizard who doesn’t have a nose. You have a wand. You’re also dressed up with suspenders and brightly colored clothes and you go around saying “Nanu Nanu” and “Shazbat” to everyone.

You are: Lord VoldeMork from Ork

  • 5.) You go as…

… a female superhero who wears a red and blue skin-tight suit. You’re also wearing a 1950’s style pillbox hat and carrying a purse while telling jokes into a microphone.

You are: Captain Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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