Well, sorta.  Our neighbor to the north has a new plan to lure more filmmakers to Las Cruces.

New Mexico has become a Hollywood favorite but very few, (1%), of NM films are done in Las Cruces.  (Clint Eastwood was just there filming The Mule.)  Cruces wants more so, they have a plan to pay 10% of "qualified expenses" to film production companies filming in Las Cruces. The state of New Mexico already offers filmmakers 25% of these expenses.

This isn't just to get more props and filming for Cruces, (generating more revenue and jobs), it's also aimed at stopping the large "brain drain" in Cruces. According to Film Las Cruces, many up and coming filmmakers, directors, etc live and learn in Las Cruces but most head for greener pastures as soon as they can.

Hopefully, these incentives will do the trick and maybe the film industry will also begin to use El Paso more as well!

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