A Las Cruces teacher conducting a zoom class had an unexpected guest, and guest speaker, during her session.

Annette Otero Nuñez, a fourth-grade teacher at Sunrise Elementary School in Las Cruces, was conducting the class from her backyard when her visitor arrived. As her students watched, they noticed her become a bit apprehensive but didn't know exactly why as they could not see a bullsnake approaching her. It did eventually make it on camera though and the students got an impromptu lesson, in the midst of their regular lesson, in how to handle unexpected encounters with snakes.

The teacher called animal control and the officer who arrived was cool enough to not only capture Mr. Snake but, he also put him on camera for the students to see and gave them all some advice on what to do when coming across a snake in the wild.

Bullsnakes are not venomous but they bear a striking ... no pun intended ... resemblance to rattlesnakes and will even exhibit similar behavior so, caution is always in order and keeping your distance a must. Remember: if you mistake a bullsnake for a rattler and stay away from it, no harm - no foul. If you mistake a rattler for a bullsnake and try to mess with it, BIG harm - BIG foul!

You're best bet ... unless your a fully trained, professional snake handler ... is to leave them ALL alone. A policy which, pretty much, goes for any wild animal. Especially those cute, fuzzy little black and white "kitties" with the bushy tails.

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