This FRIDAY, December 14th, the 2nd Annual Krampus Fest Art Show & Market will be taking place at the German Pub and you are invited to welcome Santa's horny friend back to the Sun City. You can take the kids to meet Krampus, the half-goat, half-demon beast who is meaner than the Grinch. Krampus actually puts mean kids his in sack and beats them with sticks. 

Kaleidoscope Art Space and many local artists are coming together to host this wickedly festive Art Show & market. During this event, you can watch a new Krampus King/Queen be crowned and enjoy a Krampus walk. The Krampus walk will be one you want to bring the kids to, just to make sure they know they need to behave not just for Santa, but for the actual creature walking the streets of El Paso.

According to the facebook event discussion, The Lost El Paso Paranormal crew will be setting up their Lost Sideshow display at the event. Many local artists will be set up for all your local shopping needs, along with food trucks and live performances. Hope to see you out there as this is a great chance to for your child to learn more about the holiday season than just a jolly fat man!

Don't worry, Krampus won't completely freak out your children. Just make sure they watch this video of Krampus working an everyday job like the rest of us.

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