The Semi Precious Weapons performed last night at Rusty's during SXSW. The line to get in was wrapped around the block but thanks to Lisa Sanchez and connections we got in. For once her connections came in handy.

During the awesome performance from The Semi Precious Weapons, Lisa runs up to me and grabs me screaming," OMG you're not going to believe who just walked in!" So I start asking who?

Lisa then screams out," LADY GAGA." I run over there to try and verify with my own eyes. I couldn't at first because everyone had their phones out. During the performance Lady Gaga reached up to hug the lead singer Justin. The place goes wild.

After the show was over we quickly walked outside only to be met by hundreds of screaming fans. A couple of minuets Lady Gaga walks out and the crows as well as me and Lisa go CRAZY!!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Either she couldn't walk in her shoes or she was tore up from the floor up while walking out.