He may be an American Badass, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have to go to jury duty.  Kid Rock is an American who pays his taxes and even serves on jury duty. This week, Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, was called to be a potential juror for a trial that is beginning next week.

Kid Rock was renamed juror number 335 and sat with 13 other potential jurors to wait for the attorneys and judge to interview him to see if he was able to be fair and impartial. Apparently he wasn't able to be fair and impartial, but he was able to charm the pants off of the entire courtroom.

Kid Rock told the courtroom that he had lots of friends who worked in law enforcement and would most likely give them the "benefit of the doubt" in a trial. The judge also questioned Rock if he had ever been the victim of a crime. He said he has been the object of many lawsuits and explained, I don't know if you call that a crime, but it seems pretty criminal to me," which made the whole courtroom laugh.

Kid Rock also explained that he was familiar with the prosecutor, Jeff Hall, who is the prosecutor for the murder trial he would be a juror on. Hall was the prosecutor for the trial of the man who broke through Rock's security gate and tried to break into his home back in 2013.

"Jeff prosecuted him successfully," he told the courtroom "So thank you, Jeff!" The judge dismissed him from the pool, due to his close ties to law enforcement and the prosecutor. You can read more about Kid Rock and his jury duty time on Detroit Free Press.