Remember the days when you had to use pen and paper to write down what you wanted for Christmas and then mail it all the way to the North Pole? Forget that, it's 2018! Santa is with the times, kind of. Kids these days can just call up Santa and leave him a message, that is, if they still believe.

Old Saint Nick has a number, it does go straight to voicemail because, duh, he's really busy this time of year! So get ready to write this number down: (605) 313-4000. Oh, and if you need it, he also speaks Spanish all you have to do is call (605) 313-4001. Here's the really cool part, a few minutes later you'll receive a text with a number- call it and you'll get to hear back the message your special someone left! Of course if you still want to go the old school way and have your child write and receive a letter from the North Pole, just follow these instructions!  Call the Santa hotline soon, Christmas is right around the corner!

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