We've given away a ton of prizes this year and some are still unclaimed! Check below to see if you were a winner in our VIP section this month!

Gustave Rangel Chivas tickets
Lorey Flores Chivas tickets
Elizabeth Valadez Chivas tickets
Everth Perez Chivas tickets
Veronica Franco chivas tickets
Lorraine Hernandez Pei Wei gift card
Elsa Garcia Pei Wei gift card
Yesenia Perez Chihuahuas tickets July 12
David Vasquez Pei Wei gift card
Liz Carreon Pei Wei gift card
Savanah Moralez $50 AT&T card
Cynthia Candeleria $75 Home Depot gift card
Jacqueline Orenales $50 gas card
Rose Ortega Free oil change
Romy Brunet 48" TV
Vanessa Gomez Pei Wei gift card
Veronica Reza Pei Wei gift card
Yvonne Guzman Chihuahuas July 22
Deseree Medrano Chihuahuas July 22
@Purplelove285 Pei Wei gift card
Diana Guzman $10 starbucks
Tom Marchoux Chihuahuas July 26th
Juanita Lira-Pantoja chihuahuas July 26th
Josh Cardona Slingbox
Arturo Ramos Coldplay Disneyland Trip
Mayra Guzman Chihuahuas August 2
Vincent Arrieta 2 KLAQ BBQ tickets
Bianca Mendoza 3 CDs
Jose Meneses 3 CDs
Juan Reyes 3 CDs
Raelynn Morales $10 subway