Boy, it's gotta suck being famous. Just look what a wedding band recently put Jon Bon Jovi through. We're guessing the dude was just planning to spend a chill afternoon at some friends' wedding reception when he was cajoled onstage to sing one of his best-known songs with the band that was being paid to sing it.

Check out the above video to see the Bon Jovi frontman belt out 1986's chart-topping "Livin' on a Prayer" with Lourdes Valentin, who was leading the group at a private wedding in Miami last weekend.

Skip to about the 50-second mark if you want to see the point where Valentin walks over to a seated and suited Bon Jovi and proceeds to lead the guests through the song's rousing chorus while the microphone practically dangles in the face of the guy who co-wrote the song. We almost feel sorry for him. His embarrassed look pretty much says, "Oh, Christ. Please let this be over with ..."

Bon Jovi then reluctantly takes the mic – we weren't there, but we bet he muttered something like "Just give me the damn thing" – and sings a verse before a trumpet player sails in with a super-smooth solo.

According to the Associated Press, Valentin knew Bon Jovi would be a guest at the wedding and specifically added the song to the party's set list for this very reason. Apparently he told her before the party that he didn't think he wanted to sing, but he must have changed his mind. (Putting somebody on the spot in front of dozens of people sometimes does that.) Valentin said she was "very surprised" when Bon Jovi "grace[d] us with his talent."

This, we assume, is why famous people don't hang out with regular folks more often.

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