Comedian Josh Androsky is asking fellow 'Trump trollers' to join him in his plan to rile up Trump by asking his social media followers to make 'Trumpkins.'

Androsky has already trolled U.S. senator Ted Cruz by trying to get Cruz to block him on Twitter so his friend would donate $100 dollars to Planned Parenthood. Even though Cruz never blocked Androsky, tons of his followers ended up donating a large amount of money to the organization. Since the comedian saw so much success with his first attempt to troll ridiculous republican candidates, he is setting his sights on Donald Trump.

He is asking his followers and fellow Trump haters to create their own Trumpkins, then send him a photo to @shutupandrosky. You may be asking yourself what is a Trumpkin? Well it's a pumpkin that looks like Trump. Decorate a pumpkin anyway you want to represent the presidential candidate, because nothing is scarier than the idea of Trump as a president.