The on the rise metalcore band Ice Nine Kills will be making their way into El Paso, November 15th, to bring El Pasoans a chiller, killer acoustic performance of their hit songs. KLAQ has teamed up with Star City Studios to welcome INK and their local fans for this special intimate experience, featuring fan Q&A, horror trivia, along with the performance.

We know Ice Nine Kills continues to capture fans' imagination with their blend of hard rock and horror films, and know El Pasoan love themselves some horror movies and rock. It is only a match made in a heavenly hell to bring these two groups together.

We will be giving our listeners two chances to win access to this exclusive fan experience.

The first way is through the FREE KLAQ App. Make sure you download the FREE 95.5 KLAQ that is where you will find a prize ribbon icon labeled INK In EP. Tap that to enter your information into the app exclusive form. Once you input your info, you have entered and if you win we will call you.

The second way will be through the KLAQ Freeloaders section, brought to you by Ruhmann Law Firm. Click on the freeloader section, follow some activities and you get an entry for each activity you do.

It is really that simple to gain access to this exclusive acoustic performance from INK. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.