How far would you go to prove a point?

Actor Joaquin Phoenix appeared in a short film by PETA in where he is drowning to promote veganism. Sounds a bit drastic to have to go through the process of actually drowning (trust me, I know the feeling. My brothers and I would go swimming when we were little, take me to the deep and leave me there so I could learn to 'float' ... yeah it sucks - although I am a pretty good swimmer now, but still).

In said short film, Phoenix is completely submerged in water, panicking and struggling to breathe, to depict a fish's last dying moment as he narrates:

"In water, humans drown just as fish suffocate on land. Put yourself in their place. Try to relate."

Last year in April, a young girl (24) Jacqueline Traide was dragged, tied, force fed and subjected to all manner of cruelty in front of hundreds of shoppers. She agreed to be tortured in public to end animal testing. She endured ten hours of injections, being smothered in different lotions, having her hair shaved and irritants being squirted into her eyes. The stunt took place in a Lush store window on London's Regent Street, one of the busiest shopping precincts. Check out the video here.

Here is the video of Joaquin Phoenixs short film for Peta:



To brighten up the moment, here are a few lovely ladies that have revealed a little skin for PETA:

Kinda makes you wanna think twice, huh? Especially with these hotties asking you to.