El Paso, Texas is full of AMAZING talented musicians and if you’re one of those talented musicians then you have come to the right place because now is your chance to show off your singing skills at an El Paso Chihuahuas game.

The Chihuahuas are calling all performers to audition for the honor of singing the national anthem at their home games this season.

Auditioning is simple: just create a 90-second YouTube video of yourself performing the national anthem a cappella, showcasing your vocal prowess and stage presence. 

The performance must be memorized to be considered. Once you've created your masterpiece, head over to www.milb.com/el-paso/community/national-anthem to fill out the audition form and upload your video. 

Compliance with the rules is crucial to avoid disqualification, so make sure to follow the guidelines closely.

If you are part of a local band or choir with 20 or more members you can apply for this opportunity too!

The Chihuahuas welcome group performances of the national anthem. Inquire about group savings by calling 915-533-BASE (2273) or texting 915-666-2005. 

If I could hit those high notes in the National Anthem I’d definitely sign up, but I can’t. So, I’ll stick to my day job, but if you know that you can rock the National Anthem then don't miss out on this chance to be part of the excitement at the Chihuahuas' games.

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