With so many homes, businesses, hotels and schools believed to be haunted, El Paso is home to an impressive number of spooky places and urban legends, so it’s no surprise that it was recently ranked the #1 city you are most likely to spot a ghost.

That according to the just-published report 2023’s Best Cities for Paranormal Activity by Lawn Love.

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Haunted El Paso

Marcos Rey (2018)
Marcos Rey (2018)

There is no shortfall of spooky spots in the West Texas town of El Paso, one of the oldest cities in the nation.

Ysleta High School, Austin High School and, of course, El Paso High – the forever home of the famous Ghost Girl -- are among the many schools in the city purported to be haunted

And we all know Concordia Cemetery is legit haunted. You can’t find a more spirit-filled location than a graveyard that’s been around since the 1880s.

Then there are all the apartment complexes, bars, restaurants, and hospitals with reported (and in a lot of cases, documented) paranormal activity. Oh yeah, the 915 is haunted AF.

Top Spot to Spot a Ghost

Getty Images
Getty Images

The online lawn-care service provider determined 2023’s Best Cities for Paranormal Activity rankings by analyzing America’s 200 biggest cities and compared them using numerous paranormal related metrics such as number of reported ghost sightings, haunted sites, and cemeteries.

El Paso, which ranked 24th overall in the nation, floated to the top when it came to spotting ghostly spirits with the most reported ghost sightings in the state.

The Sun City also claimed the fifth-largest number of creepy, spooky, and altogether ooky haunted sites in the state (tied with Houston).

Lone Star Specters


Overall, San Antonio and Dallas were the only Texas cities to make the supernatural Top 10 at number 7 and 8, respectively. Altogether, though, thirteen cities in the Lone Star State haunt the top half.

👻 San Antonio #7
👻 Dallas #8
👻 Houston #11
👻 Austin #13
👻 Fort Worth #22
👻 El Paso #24
👻 Laredo #44
👻 Pasadena #62
👻 Plano #77
👻 Arlington #79
👻 Corpus Christi #83
👻Irving #87
👻 Amarillo #94

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