September 15th was a day full of many celebrations!

915 Day was celebrated by many local companies to honor our beloved area code made most famous by Khalid in his American Teen song where he sings, “I’m from the city of the 9-1-5.”

Aside from 915 day, many locals celebrated Dieciseis de Septiembre a day early in downtown El Paso, and if you were one of those who celebrated in downtown El Paso then you may have noticed the new Love Letters in El Paso’s San Jacinto that celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.

From September 15th to October 15th, San Jacinto Plaza will be bedazzled with these captivating creations, each telling a unique story of Hispanic heritage.

The Love Letters series is a heartwarming tradition brought to life by Visit El Paso.

Hispanic Heritage Month El Paso

These enchanting letters aren't just a feast for the eyes; they're a testament to the incredible contributions of Hispanic Americans to our nation's history and culture.

So next time you’re in the Downtown area make sure to snap a photo in front of the letters!

Hispanic Heritage Month El Paso

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