Ah shopping in Texas. Sometimes it's an easy trip for all involved. Other times it'd be easier to just stay home right?

Whatever the reason we need to go shopping, there's certainly a lot of options here in Texas. Many choose H-E-B, some choose Target, other another type of grocer. But today, we'll be talking about one many know, Walmart.

But why are we talking about Walmart today? Well one in Texas has brought my eyes upon on it. Not for reasons that are bad, but that has the possibility of a rare distinction.

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We Head To Ballinger, Texas For This Special Walmart

So what exactly makes this Walmart shine brighter than others in the state of Texas? Could it be a special product they offer? Do their employees wear more red than blue? Was a movie filmed there?

Well, over the years, many have travelled to this Walmart and noticed something different than all things listed. The size of the shopping center has made many question one thing.

A post on Reddit claimed that it was the smallest one the user has ever seen. In fact, the company even wrote about it, revealing how much space the center takes up at 29,909 square feet. But...how is that compared to other Walmarts overall?

We turn to the official website of the company to find out the average sizes of the businesses they offer:

Supercenters - 187,000 square feet
Discount Stores - 107,000 square feet
Neighborhood Market - 42,000 square feet

WOW. This Walmart is fully operational store and smaller than a Neighborhood Market?!? This leaves us with one question...could this be the smallest Walmart in Texas?

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