Creed's Scott Stapp is a now a grandfather!

To help that further sink in and allow you to really feel the passage of time, Stapp's son that he wrote "With Arms Wide Open" about when he was awaiting his first born's birth in the late '90s has now made him a grandpa!

At the time, Stapp was married to his ex-wife Hillaree Burns and the couple were awaiting a baby boy, one that they would name Jagger. And now Jagger has become a father himself..

Scott Stapp Makes Proud Grandfather Proclamation

The Creed singer, who turned 50 last August, revealed the news of his new family title to People magazine, sharing a photo of himself, son Jagger and his new grandson Cash that was born in September.

“I have a beautiful, beautiful grandson,” the singer stated. “I don’t feel like a grandpa! I look at myself and I’m like, when I was a kid, grandpas had gray hair and a cane. So maybe it’s the food and the vitamins and everything else we’ve learned on how to better take care of ourselves. But a grandpa I am. And a proud one at that.”

According to Stapp, the newborn Cash and his family are "doing great."

Creed, "With Arms Wide Open"

Scott Stapp Finds His Purpose With His Children

While Jagger came from Stapp's first marriage, his current wife Jaclyn is the mother to three more of Stapp's children - 17-year-old daughter Milan, 13-year-old son Daniel and 6-year-old son Anthony.

"I feel like my role in my kids’ life is just to love and encourage and take care of them and let them know that I’m always going to be there for them no matter what,” said the singer to People. “They make me want to be a better man… I just want to make them proud, and be a father they can look up to and say, ‘That’s my dad. I’m proud of him.’”

The rocker says his daughter Milan has taken to music, much like he did, which has forged a strong bond between them. Noting that she plays several instruments and is already recording her own music, Stapp adds, "My daughter is the coolest ever."

Reconnecting With Jagger

Stapp says Jagger's fatherhood has allowed them to reconnect after a difficult period between father and son in the mid-2010s after which Stapp addressed his sobriety.

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The singer says that as a result, his son Jagger felt the brunt of his battles more than his younger children who weren't old enough to really understand what had been happening.

“They don’t know a dad that was battling demons, but Jagger did,” he explained. “And ironically, without getting into too much, Jagger had some things that he went through. I think with that common shared experience, it brought some clarity and understanding to him and definitely brought some forgiveness… It gave him a deeper understanding, and we have the ability to connect on that and have a mutual understanding and support each other.”

What Scott Stapp Is Doing in 2024

This looks like a big year for Scott Stapp. The singer just released his new solo album, Higher Power. It features the newly released duet with Dorothy on the song "If These Walls Could Talk." The Higher Power album is out now and available to purchase in multiple platforms.

Scott Stapp Featuring Dorothy, "If These Walls Could Talk"

But the big news for many Creed fans is that Stapp and the group are back together in 2024. The band will set sail on the Summer of '99 Cruise, which departs from Miami en route to Nassau, Bahamas and back from April 18-24. 3 Doors Down, Buckcherry, Tonic, Vertical Horizon, Fuel, The Verve Pipe, Tantric, Dishwalla, Louise Post (of Veruca Salt) and Nine Days will be joining them on the run.

That's immediately followed by the Summer of '99 and Beyond Cruise, taking off from Port Canaveral, Florida and venturing to the Bahamas April 27-May 1. This time Daughtry replaces 3 Doors Down, while Jimmie's Chicken Shack and Sugar: The Nu-Metal Party have been added to the pre-existing lineup.

There is currently a Creed and Daughtry cruise contest through Loudwire where you can win your way onto this cruise. Not much time is left to enter, so get details and make sure you're register to win here.

Creed also have plenty of tour dates this coming year, currently booked into December.

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