Here are 10 examples of musicians who only played on a big band’s debut album.

It often takes several years for a band to release their first full-length sequence; as such, you’d think that by the time they do – and hopefully reap the benefits of their hard work – everyone involved is there for the long haul.

However, the annals of rock and metal music are filled with situations that led people to jump ship before the group put out their sophomore album. Usually, they’re musicians who joined after the project got going, but there have also been numerous incidents of founding members moving on and passing the torch just as they lit the fuse.

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Need proof?

Then keep scrolling to see nearly a dozen cases of official musicians (as opposed to guest or session musicians) who didn’t make it past a popular band’s initial LP. Even if both parties did awesome stuff afterward, we’ll always wonder what might’ve been had they stayed together.

10 Rock + Metal Musicians Who Only Appeared on a Big Band’s First Album

Keep scrolling to see 10 musicians who only played on a big band's debut record!

Gallery Credit: Jordan Blum

10 Rock + Metal Bands Who Changed Singers After Their First Album

Rock and metal bands who chose new singers for their second full-length records.

Gallery Credit: Jordan Blum

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