The Thanksgiving legend, in short, is this: The Pilgrims and Native Americans came together in 1621 to reconcile their differences and party down with a massive feast (though, as pointed out by Smithsonian Magazine, the cute little story you learned in elementary school isn't exactly historically accurate). At the center of that feast was supposedly a turkey. Hundreds of years later, most of the country follows suit, carving up a bird and sitting down with friends and family to stuff themselves silly and be thankful for it. The musicians that follow, however, couldn't care less, and won't eat turkey on Thanksgiving no matter what.

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These rockers and metal musicians will not be eating turkey this Thanksgiving, or the rest of the year. All of these people are vegan or vegetarian, so no meats for them. Their reasons are varied. Some have a moral opposition eating meat, others think chowing down the flesh of a formerly living thing is either unhealthy or just plain nasty. They are beyond meat, into a meatless dimension of their very own.

Read on, to see which musicians refuse to eat turkey this Thanksgiving.

Musicians Who Refuse To Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving

These vegan and vegetarian rock and metal musicians will not be eating turkey this Thanksgiving.

Gallery Credit: Todd Fooks

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