How many of you have been "April Fooled" today as bands posted pranks for April Fools' Day?

It seems there's a lot of pranksters out there, some tossing up humorous and easily guessed pranks while others had us wondering a bit more the validity of what they had posted. It's always a day that will keep you on your toes, so let's take a look at some of the better rock and metal band April Fools' Day pranks.

The Easily Guessed Pranks

Rivers of Nihil

Rivers of Nihil caught us early in the A.M. with an announcement for their "fifth full length out this fall on Metal Blade" which carried the title Where Als Know My Name. Given the cover art with Ed O'Neill's Married With Children character, Al Bundy, with his hand down his pants, we're safely guessing this one's a prank.

August Burns Red

Much like Rivers of Nihil, August Burns Red found inspiration from a classic FOX network character for their supposed album inspiration. Revealing that they would be issuing a new Simpsons-themed live LP, the band revealed the artwork and track listing for a record called Homer.

Among the cuts on the new album - "Okily Dokily," "Eat My Shorts," "Ow My Freaking Ears" and "Croak of the Jazawaza." One can only wish this was real.


It's hard to imagine Stryper making a giant creative switch this far into their career, but that didn't stop them from teasing the possibility.

"After years of having to live with these unexplainable photos (only to be haunted by the realization that they will never go away) we have decided to shave our heads, move to Tibet and go into hiding as monks for the rest of our days here on earth," stated frontman Michael Sweet, adding, "True metal bands who sing about satan, leather, studs, spikes, hell, dragons, vampires, Harley’s, mid-evil times, blood, sweat and demonic rituals will be very happy to hear this news.

Seems the band who sang "Honestly" has a little bit of dishonesty in them today, but hey we got some great classic band promo shots out of it.


We did just past Easter, so this might not be too far-fetched. But in a posting, Possessed's Jeff Becerra revealed that as he was recording vocals for his next album, Jesus Christ came to him. "I'm saved and quitting my band to join a Christian rock band."

Perhaps Possessed could work out some sort of "exchange" with the members of Stryper.

Dr. Acula

And while were speaking of lineup changes, Dr. Acula confirmed the melding in forming a new group. "Remaining members of Dr. Acula have joined @callousdaoboys and renamed the band to Dr. Daoboys," revealed the group. "Debut album Iowa2 to come out on Empire Records. Dr. Acula will exhume the graves of all past members for the remainder of their shows before the merger."

The Sales Pitches


Want to look like your favorite member of Megadeth? Well, luckily the band is now selling "Megadeth Wigs!" The graphic shares strands of locks in the styles of each Megadeth band member, and while they make clear that this is clearly a joke, they also ask in the caption, "Just kidding .... but would you buy one?"

Don't get any bright ideas. We don't want Dave and the guys having to be on the lookout for the label plant roadie with the clippers.

Riot Fest

Is it that time of the year already? Riot Fest used their socials to announce, "We've LINEd UP some more bands for Riot Fest 2024," then urging readers to "don't be a fool" and to click on the link for more clues as to who was playing."

By clicking on a post that asks, "Has the Riot Fest Lineup Been Released Yet," you're then taken to a page with a great big "No" in a block graphic. Live and learn, Riot Festers.

After the Burial

It's all about the marketing, right?! And what better way for a band called After the Burial to get in the marketing biz than to start offering up a branded collection of burial items?

Among the items in their spring collection are a debossed logo stained pine coffin, an ancient ceremonial gold thurible, a 100-count package of incense, a vortexagram gold ceremonial goblet, a bottle of holy water, a vortexagram 2' bread wafer and a signature Pinot Noir bottle of wine. Interestingly enough, all of these items are sold out once you go to the purchase page.

Something More Elaborate

Robert Fripp

Probably the most eye catching and probable prank of the day comes from King Crimson's Robert Fripp. While Fripp and his wife Toyah's saucy Sunday covers have been steaming up the internet for quite some time, the legendary guitarist may have surprised many by announcing he had joined OnlyFans.

Fripp even included video where he appears to naked on a stairwell, embracing his guitar hiding his, ahem, King Crimson. "Subscribe now for exclusive, jaw-dropping content you never knew you needed...," teased the site with a web address, but we're assuming it's a prank as the page turned up an error with a removed page.

Fripp's post is not embeddable, but can be viewed here.


Elsewhere, Trivium's Matt Heafy likely caught some off guard with a post playing in to the band's longtime instability behind the drumkit. "I can’t believe I’m writing this," said the singer, adding, "The three of us have been through a lot. And it’s obvious that one of the consistent issues since 1999 is not being able to keep a lineup the way we need."

He continued, "We’re trying this a different way. I don’t want your perspective - but we’re having an open call: Who of you can actually pull off the drums for our band? You have till Jan 2025 to learn this set (unlike SOME people) - serious inquiries only."

While the band seemed to cycle through drummers for a period, Alex Bent has added some stability since 2016 and most fans appeared to have taken the announcement day and determined it was all in good fun.


April Fools' Day is far from the only time Sanguisugabogg have fun with their audience, so it wasn't too surprising to see them throw out a song recommendation. But given that the track featured Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, the creator of the bleep-worth sexually aggressive song "Closer," certainly caught the attention of regular readers.

Add to it that the song in question was titled "Brains Fucked Out," and while some may have caught the joke, it was still worth it to see where this was going. Yep, sure enough, rickrolled.

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Goregrind outfit Lipoma cooked up a ruse in which they shared a "cease and desist" letter from Dr. Sandra Lee in which they were accused of trademark infringement over their name and of unlawfully sampling Lee who is better known professionally as Dr. Pimple Popper.

In sharing the letter, the band offered to fans, "RIP. Thanks for all your support."

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